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Who are we? 

The Rural Tourism Development Network (RDTR) was established in 2011 in response to a shared desire among local and regional stakeholders to promote rural tourism in the Souss Massa region. Our main objective is to structure and organize the rural tourism sector while promoting its potential through sustainable development. Our mission is to foster the practice of sustainable rural tourism in Morocco and advocate for the legitimate interests of our members. We are also committed to promoting our affiliated structures and enhancing the brand image of our territory.

About reflects our commitment to promoting rural tourism in the Souss Massa. This website serves as an essential platform to showcase our destination, highlight the wonders of our rural landscapes, and attract visitors seeking an authentic and enriching experience. Through this site, we aim to provide visitors with a comprehensive and user-friendly showcase, featuring activities, accommodations, and tourist attractions in our territory. We want to share our passion for rural tourism, generate interest among visitors, and inspire them to explore the hidden treasures of Souss Massa.