Surf's Up in Souss Massa: A Guide to the Region's Premier Waves

Nestled along the Moroccan coast, the Souss Massa is a surfers’ paradise, boasting a plethora of spots that cater to all levels of surf enthusiasts. From the adrenaline-pumping waves of Killer Point to the serene waters of Crocodile, this guide will navigate you through the best surf spots Souss Massa has to offer.

Killer Point: The Surfer’s Challenge
Located about 15 kilometers north of Agadir near Taghazout, Killer Point is renowned for its consistent point break, making it a magnet for surfers year-round. The spot owes its name to the occasional sightings of killer whales, adding an element of awe to your surf experience. Ideal during winter, the east winds complement the northwest swells, creating perfect conditions for an unforgettable ride.

Anchor Point: Morocco’s Surfing Crown Jewel
Anchor Point, standing 20 kilometers north of Agadir, is a testament to Morocco’s rich surfing culture. Known for its reliable waves, this spot becomes a surfer’s dream with northwest swells. The challenging waves demand respect, offering an exhilarating experience for those who dare to ride them.

Desert Point: A Spot for Every Surfer
Desert Point, a short 10 kilometers from Agadir, welcomes surfers of all skill levels with open arms. Its consistent waves and southeast offshore winds make it an ideal winter surfing destination. The spot’s camaraderie and spirit ensure a memorable surfing experience for everyone.

Banana Point: Surfing with a View
Just 15 kilometers south of Agadir, Banana Point offers a picturesque setting for surfers. The spot is famous for its friendly waves, suitable for surfers at any level. Beyond 2 meters, the waves transform, providing a thrilling challenge for the more experienced.

Boilers: For the Brave at Heart
Boilers, located 35 kilometers north of Agadir, is not for the faint-hearted. Reserved for seasoned surfers, this spot is known for its powerful right-angle wave breaking over a reef. The site’s name, inspired by a nearby shipwreck, adds a touch of mystery to the surfing experience.

Crocodile: The Beginner’s Haven
Crocodile, 14 kilometers from Agadir, is the perfect spot for those new to the surfing world. Its gentle waves and surf schools make it an ideal learning ground, while the sight of camels adds a unique touch to the surfing experience.

Devil’s Rock: Surfing for All
Close to Banana Village, Devil’s Rock is another versatile spot, catering to surfers of all levels. The area’s consistent waves and beautiful scenery ensure a pleasant surf session, with local surf schools often seen dotting the landscape.

Each of these spots offers something unique, from the adrenaline-inducing waves of Killer and Anchor Points to the welcoming shores of Crocodile and Devil’s Rock. Souss Massa is a surf destination that promises adventure, excitement, and, most importantly, the perfect wave for everyone.

We invite you to explore these incredible surf spots and experience the magic of Souss Massa’s waves. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the region’s diverse surf spots guarantee an unforgettable surfing adventure.