Top 5 places to visit in Taroudant 

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Uncover our Top Five Picks for an Unforgettable Sojourn in this Enchanting Moroccan Oasis.

1 – Anti Atlas
The Anti Atlas is Morocco’s southernmost mountain range, stretching 600 kilometers from Tafilalet to Souss and beginning in the east of the central High Atlas. It is divided into several massifs: the Anti-Atlas of Tafraout to the west, the Jebel Saghro to the east, and the ancient volcano of Jebel Siroua to the north.

All of the Anti-Atlas mountains have spectacular landscapes, some of which are starkly barren with lunar zones, while others are lush and vibrant. Mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and climbing enthusiasts can all find something to pique their interest: a seductively pleasant environment, picturesque villages with welcoming communities, and special regions where time is rocked to the rhythm of the seasons.

2 – Tizi N’Test
Tizi N’Test, located west of Jebel Toubkal on the R 203 road connecting Marrakech and Taroudant, is one of three major routes leading to southern Morocco. It played an important role in Morocco’s past when mountain populations could easily block entry.
It peaks at 2100m and is difficult to pass. Today, the road provides a fantastic tourist detour, with the climb to the pass taking place on a road that seems to meander endlessly on the mountainside, challenging the massif’s high steep slopes.

The scenery is awesome! At the crossing you will have a wonderful view: on the north, the upper N’Fiss valley and the country of Goundafa; and in the south, 2,000 m down, the valley of Souss and the plain contrasting on the horizon with the silhouette of the western anti-Atlas.

3 – Adrar N’dern
Mount Adrar N’Dern, which culminates at about 3627m, is a little distant in the western High Atlas mountain to the south-west of Mount Toubkal (4165m) and is part of the common alternative along the route of the famous Atlas crossing. Walkers find it to be a somewhat special experience; it gradually ascends along the ridge, where the vegetation scarcely gives way to stony conglomerates in immensity. The ridge offers you an incomparable setting of landscapes from the top of the mountain, a wonderful view of the Anti-Atlas and Siroua Mountains to the south, and the chain of Toubkal to the north.

The picturesque villages which make your journey more interesting, you will find the best respect for good will and hospitality in the simplicity and spontaneity of their populations

4 – Afensou Valley
The Afensou valley 35 km north of Taroudant offers the benefit of an Edenic environment composed of exuberant gardens with palm trees, almond trees, ancient olive groves, forests of argan trees, cedar trees, and a very rich flora along rivers ideally suited for a refreshing oleander swim. Several walking routes are available once there. You can enjoy the exquisite charm of the place at your own pace… that is to say, the experience of a rural and natural change that really deserves a detour.

5- Almond Forest
Taroudant offers an honorable and diverse environment that lets you immerse yourself in beautiful spots.

Taroudant opens up the amazing pages of its hinterland with its woods, where hundreds of almond trees are cultivated and soaked like stars, and shows one of its most pleasant facets.