• Agadir Ida Outanane

The Roots of Apiculture in Souss-Massa
In the rich lands of Souss-Massa, beekeeping isn’t just a hobby””it’s a deeply rooted ancestral tradition. The sub-region of Ida-Outanane stands as the pinnacle of this age-old practice, boasting the world’s largest apiary in Inzerki. Every year in August, beekeepers from far and wide gather to celebrate their craft at the annual honey festival.

A Hub of Honey Varieties
The Souss-Massa region is practically dripping with a variety of honeys, each one more flavorful than the last. From the robust notes of thyme and euphorbia honeys, known for their therapeutic health benefits, to the floral aromas of orange blossom, carob, eucalyptus, and cedar tree honey, your palate is in for a treat.

More Than Just a Sweetener
Sure, it’s delicious, but Souss-Massa’s honey serves up more than just sweetness. We’re talking health perks, like easing respiratory issues, lowering blood pressure, and even providing cardiovascular benefits. The magic is in the flora””each type of honey comes with its own set of health-giving properties.

Local Accommodations Offer Guidance
For those keen to delve into the buzzing world of beekeeping, local accommodations offer guidance to help you experience this artisanal craft first-hand.

And there you have it! Souss-Massa is not just about its stunning landscapes; it’s a haven for honey enthusiasts and aspiring beekeepers alike.

Come for the views, stay for the sweetness!

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