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Experience Climbing Adventures in Souss Massa

Looking to elevate your travel adventures? Souss Massa offers climbers a new world to conquer, with routes that promise not just physical challenges, but also stunning vistas that make the climb all the more rewarding.

Top Spots for climbing 

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned climber, Souss Massa has got you covered.  Mesguina, a few kilometers northeast of Agadir, offers a mix of climbs suitable for different abilities. For a more challenging experience, Jbel Lkest presents routes that will test your skills. The iconic granites of Aguerd Oudad in the Tafraout region provide unique climbing surfaces that shouldn’t be missed.

Required Local Guidance and Accommodations

Due to the technical nature of climbing, local guidance is not just recommended””it’s essential. Many local accommodations provide climbing packages that include expert guidance, ensuring both your safety and an enriching experience on the rocks.

Stays offering this activity