Jbel Elkest

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Majestically dominating the region with its 2359 meters of altitude, the Jbel Lkest represents a distinct natural border between the provinces of Tiznit and Chtouka Ait Baha. Composed mainly of quartzite, this mass is distinguished by its eroded rock formations and its abrupt boulders, characteristic of the whole Anti-Atlas. Its highest point, the Afa n’Tmezgadiwin, extends for about 35 kilometers to the north. Lower in the mountain range is the summit of Udem Ugerzam, where you can admire the rock formation evoking the head of a lion from the Ammeln Valley. The Jbel Lkest mountain range provides a breath-taking panoramic view from its highest peaks. When you stand atop the summits, you can witness the beautiful contrast between the lush green valleys stretching out to the south and the rugged, towering mountains looming to the north. As you gaze towards the southwestern horizon, the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert comes into view, creating a truly awe-inspiring and unforge­ttable sight.

A Natural Border Between Two Provinces

The Jbel Lkest is a special mountain area located between the provinces of Tiznit and Chtouka Ait Baha. It has a very interesting landscape with lots of rocks that have been worn down by nature over many years. The mountain slopes are quite steep, making it a unique and fascinating place to visit. The Afa n’Tmezgadiwin is a long mountain ridge that runs along the northern side of Jbel Lkest for about 35 kilometers. It acts like a natural border between the two provinces.

One of the most famous landmarks in the Jbel Lkest area is the summit called Udem Ugerzam. From the nearby Ammeln Valley, visitors can see a very cool rock formation that looks like the head of a lion. The diverse geology of Jbel Lkest, with all its different rock shapes and landforms, provides many opportunities for people who love nature and geology to explore and discover new things. Whether you are interested in hiking, rock climbing, or just enjoying scenic views, Jbel Lkest has something special to offer.

Breathtaking Contrasted Landscapes

The view from the top of Jbel Lkest is truly breath-taking. It offers an amazing view, with a striking contrast between the green valleys to the south and the towering mountains to the north. On the horizon, you can see the vast Saharan desert stretching out to the southwest as far as the eye can see. The shades of colors and textures, ranging from the lush green of the valle­ys to the reddish-brown and ochre tone­s of the mountains, create a stunning visual masterpiece that leaves visitors in awe. The valleys below are a vibrant tapestry of green, with fields and meadows dotting the landscape. Small villages and towns nestle among the rolling hills, their whitewashed houses and narrow streets adding charm to the landscape. In contrast, the mountains rise majestically, their rugged peaks and rocky slopes casting long shadows across the landscape. The ochre and reddish tones of the mountains are a testament to the rich mineral deposits found in the region, and the play of light and shadow across their surfaces creates a constantly shifting canvas of color and texture.

An Unforgettable Hiking Experience

Going on a hike up Jbel Lkest is an amazing adventure for people who enjoy being outdoors. The trails wind up and down the mountain, taking you through different kinds of scenery with weird-looking rocks and stunning views of the landscape around you. Whether you’re an expert hiker or just starting out and looking for excitement, there are trails that match your ability level, so everyone can enjoy exploring the untouched beauty of this area of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The paths curve and twist as they climb the steep slopes, offering a variety of scenery to captivate hikers along the way. Rocky outcroppings jut out at odd angles, their strange shapes sculpted by wind and weather over hundreds of years. Across the valleys, rolling hills stretch into the distance, their contours shifting with every bend in the trail.

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