Jbel Aoulime

  • Valley

Located approximately 40 km north of Taroudant, Jbel Aoulime is easily accessible from the typical Berber village of Ncar Afensou, which enjoys a privileged position in many respects. This village is centrally located on the southern slope of Jebel Aoulime, at the crossroads of two routes that provide access to the high valleys, making it an ideal base for numerous treks and hikes on foot, mountain bike, 4×4, or even donkey-back in the region. Jbel Aoulime peaks at 3,445 meters and offers multiple routes to sublime landscapes, with generous nature punctuated by gorges, oases, and waterfalls. With abundant water, you will constantly be tempted to take a swim. Walnut and almond trees often line your path, providing shaded spots that are perfect for moments of rest and relaxation, serving as a well-deserved reward for your visit and hiking efforts.Â

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