Toubkal National Park

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The Toubkal National Park is the first national park in the Kingdom, established in 1942. Its name comes from Jbel Toubkal, which is the highest point in North Africa, reaching an altitude of 4,167 meters. It is located about 75 kilometers south of the city of Marrakech and spans the provinces of Al Haouz and Taroudant, covering the central part of the High Atlas Mountains, situated between the Ourika Valley to the East and the N’Fis Valley to the West.This protected area offers a unique and diverse flora. Visitors can encounter populations of Green Oak and Thuya trees, ecosystems of Red Juniper and Frankincense trees, as well as spiny xerophytic cushions and beautiful high-altitude wet meadows characteristic of the High Atlas region. Moreover, the Toubkal National Park harbors nearly 24 plant species that are strictly endemic to the area.The rich floral and ecosystem diversity has allowed for a wide variety of fauna, most notably the largest population of Barbary sheep (Mouflon à manchettes) in North Africa. The nesting avifauna is also incredibly diverse, with almost 95 species, including remarkable birds such as the Golden Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Alpine Accentor, and Rosefinch. The reptile and amphibian fauna also contribute to the park’s biological value, with a high rate of endemism and the presence of rare or endemic species such as the Schokar Snake and Atlas Viper. Notably, there are nine species of butterflies that are endemic to the park or the High Atlas, like the Atlas Copper. Overall, the Toubkal National Park stands as a treasure trove of biological values with its rich and varied flora and fauna, making it a truly exceptional natural reserve in North Africa.

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