Bani Range

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Referencing Jbel Bani, the Bani Mountain Range forms the last foothills of the Anti-Atlas, bordering the desert. It stretches for 560 km between Zagora and Tan-Tan, along the hinterland of the Souss-Massa and Guelmim-Oued Noun regions. This geo-eco-touristic territory holds significant heritage value in many respects, offering sites of breathtaking beauty: extravagant geological formations, spectacular cliffs, exceptional outcrops, gorges and canyons, desert landscapes, oases and palm groves, archaeological sites, Ksours and Kasbahs, collective granaries, and more. All of this is complemented by the kindness and legendary hospitality of the local populations. Traveling through these lands is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary experiences of immersion and discovery, in a territory where enchantment, authenticity, and originality abound.

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