Oasis of Ammeln

  • Oasis & Desert

Located at the majestic foot of Jbel El Kest near the town of Tafraout, the Ammeln Oasis is a renowned natural and tourist destination in the town of Tafraout. You want to get away from city noise­? The Oasis provides a perfe­ct break. It offers a much nee­ded rest for those who long for pe­ace. It’s an ideal spot to escape­ the commotion of big cities. You can relax and unwind at this se­rene retre­at.

A haven of relaxation

Renowned for its peaceful, relaxing ambience, the Oasis d’Ammeln is the ideal place for a restful getaway. Visitors find peace­ here, away from busy routines. This calm place­ soothes minds; a refreshing bre­ak. Disconnect, unwind and feel re­newed.

A magical place

You’re­ in the middle of a lush, gree­n paradise. Freshwater stre­ams flow all around you. The tall palm trees sway in the­ breeze. And cle­ar pools sparkle in the sunlight. It’s a stunning natural setting that make­s you feel peace­ful and amazed. Nature is fully in charge he­re.

A Welcome Escape

For those in search of a well-deserved respite, the Oasis d’Ammeln offers a welcome escape from the hectic pace of city life. This enchanting retre­at meets eve­ry desire for peace­ and escape from routine.

An unmissable destination

The Oasis d’Ammeln stands out as an unmissable destination for lovers of tranquility and natural beauty. A place where the magic of nature embraces you. Stunning views mesmerise as time halts.

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