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Akka Oasis

  • Oasis & Desert

Approximately 60 kilometres west of the town of Tata, in the desert region, the Akka oasis appears, a place where nature displays all its verdant splendour. This area has been transformed into a fertile, generous land by the local population, who are hard-working, kind-hearted and hospitable, making the most of every drop of water to cultivate barley, wheat and countless date palms, as well as other food crops.

Witnesses to a Glorious Past

There are several traces of the region’s history all over, including the trans-Saharan caravan path. Some of these is the Kasbah de Sidi Abdellah Benmbarek, an ancient structure topped by Agadir Amghar, a minaret dating back to the 12th century that resembles the Tour Hassan in Rabat.

Ksar Agadir Ouzrou: A historical relic

The Ksar Agadir Ouzrou, which dates back to the 15th century, is perched on a rocky ledge with a view over the wadi and the Akka palm grove. This fortress is located 5 kilometres from the center of Akka, and is protected by an impressive wall some ten metres high.

An Itinerary to Follow

To reach Akka from Tata, simply take the N12 road towards Akka. On arrival, it’s advisable to turn right immediately to visit the village of Agadir Owzro, perched on a cliff on the right, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.


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