Cedrat Valley

  • Valley

 The Anti-Atlas holds many magnificent surprises! The Cedrat Valley is located about 38 km south of Taroudant on the main road 1714, towards the villages of Assadss and Tamguinsift. Once your vehicle reaches its end, a magnificent walk along a magical canyon of 3 km leads you to the wonders of the valley. As you follow the course of the Assadss riverbed, the vegetation becomes greener, and palm trees reach towards the azure sky. Thanks to a clever irrigation system, humidity is ever-present, and the slopes are watered year-round, allowing the cedrat trees to thrive. Also known as “etrogs” or citrons, the cedrat trees belong to the citrus family, highly prized by Jews, as they are used during the Feast of Tabernacles. The local Berbers have been cultivating these fruits for millennia, and while they were once sold to Moroccan Jews, they are now exported to Jewish communities worldwide, often at high prices.Â

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