Jbel Adad Medni

  • Valley

Located 75 km northeast of the city of Tiznit, in the Aouguenz commune, in the hinterland of the Chtouka-Aït Baha province, Mount Adad Medni is a steep rocky peak in the western Anti-Atlas. There is only one road leading to it, a rugged 11 km track that leads to the village of Addar. With a summit at 1470 m, this massif presents a real challenge for hiking and climbing enthusiasts. Its ascent involves significant technical difficulties, as hikers have to cover nearly 15 km along the Amarouz River, which surrounds the mountain, with a steep elevation gain of almost 1,000 m. The climb is made through a steep path on the mountain cliffs. From the summit, a wide and idyllic panorama unfolds, overlooking the vast expanses of the Anti-Atlas and the Massa plain.Â

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