• Traditions

The region of Souss-Massa is traditionally a land of tolerance where hospitality is not only a quality but a way of life on a daily basis. Hospitality is rooted in a centuries-old tradition that the local population proudly perpetuates. Wherever you are, you will constantly encounter a local resident ready to assist you, help you, or invite you.


It goes without saying that whether you are a Moroccan citizen or a foreign tourist, and regardless of the reason for your visit to the region, the invitation will, at the very least, involve sharing a cup of tea. The invitation to a lunch or dinner, or even to be accommodated for the night, is not to be excluded when the meeting and circumstances call for it.


Thus, on every encounter with the local population, you will be subject to an almost automatic, flattering, generous, and unconditional invitation… and the person inviting you is far from concerned about their instant ability to honor the invitation. What is certain is that their hospitable gesture is made deliberately, far from material considerations, and they are always ready to humbly welcome you into their home, their family, without any protocol complexities.


One thing is for sure: you are welcomed as a visitor and leave as a friend!

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