The Art of Table Setting

  • Traditions

The Moroccan art of table setting is executed with meticulousness, aiming to enhance the time spent during the meal, which is a convivial moment that brings everyone together to savor and share the prepared dishes.

Before sitting at the table, guests are often served tea while waiting for all the attendees to gather. At this moment, the hand-washing ritual takes place, with each guest being presented with a silver or copper basin in which they soap and rinse their hands. A linen towel is provided for drying the hands.

Once the dish is served, a person among those seated at the table takes the initiative and says, ‘Bismillah!’ (In the name of God!)Signaling the start of the meal, they promptly plunge their hand into the dish. The other guests follow suit, ensuring they only take food from what is in front of them. It is religiously recommended to eat with three fingers: the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. However, it is tolerated to eat with five fingers for foods that do not have a solid consistency, such as couscous, for example.

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