Couscous with 7 vegetables

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The preparation of couscous goes beyond the mere creation of a quickly consumed dish. It is an expression of love, generosity, and hospitality, a collective and celebratory culinary masterpiece. The traditional couscous with seven vegetables is concocted with meat or chicken, carrots, turnips, a slice of pumpkin, zucchini, eggplants, onions, and a celery stalk, along with oil and spices.

This national dish is meticulously prepared following a precise ritual that is faithfully observed. The most crucial step occurs when the couscous is gently steamed, then separated and hand-rubbed, a process repeated three times.

This results in couscous that is light and perfectly tender. The final dish is served in a communal vessel, with a bed of couscous covered with meat or chicken and an assortment of vegetables, delicately drizzled with the cooking broth… A culinary masterpiece of unparalleled delight!

Moroccan Couscous Recipe


2 cups couscous
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, sliced
2 zucchinis, sliced
1 bell pepper, chopped
2 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1 lb lamb or chicken, cubed
Spices: 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste

In a pot, sauté onion in olive oil until translucent.
Add lamb or chicken and spices. Cook until browned.
Add vegetables and broth. Simmer until tender.
Steam couscous above simmering broth for 20-30 mins.
Fluff couscous and mix with cooked meat and veggies.

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