The tradition of offering

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The tradition of offering gifts exists in all social classes and varies depending on the occasions. It is a deeply ingrained practice in the Moroccan collective consciousness, very common whether it is a simple visit to family members or friends, or a significant event such as a wedding or baptism.

In general, the symbolism of the gifts is highly appreciated. For example, the wedding ceremony is preceded by an offering intended for the bride, and it involves meticulous attention to both the container (‘Tayfour’) and the contents (‘L’hdia’). Nothing is left to chance. Depending on one’s means, the ‘Tyafer’ can contain items such as a copy of the Holy Quran, dates, sugar loaves symbolizing a happy life, milk symbolizing clarity and purity, henna, musk, candles, scents and perfumes, makeup, caftans, jewelry, shoes, and even fine lingerie! These items provide an opportunity to convey messages of love and affection to the newlywed…

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