The Moussems

  • Traditions

The Moussems (festivals) are seasonal fairs, religious and commercial, or purely commercial, associated with a patron saint, a locality, or a product. They hold great importance and are sometimes renowned internationally. Depending on the type of Moussem, the local population, as well as visitors, gather annually to celebrate various rituals, which vary in nature and number according to popular traditions: religious contemplation and devotions, offerings and sacrifices, folklore and arts, markets and trade exhibitions, shows and fantasias, and more. These events provide authentic opportunities to discover and explore the breadth and richness of the country’s cultural facets.


Between the religious, cultural, and agricultural aspects, the Souss Massa region has a large number of Moussems. The most well-known ones include Sidi Ahmed or Moussa (August) in the village of Tazeroualt, east of Tiznit, the Tifaouine festival (mid-August) in the Ameln valley, the Almond festival (mid-March) in Tafraout, the Igoudar festival (July) in Ida Ougnidif, the International Saffron Festival (November) in Taliouine, the Jewish Moussem (Hilloula) of Rabbi David Ben Baroukh (December) in Taroudant, Lalla Taallat (mid-March) in Ait Baha, and more.

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