Id Ennayer

  • Traditions

Also known as the Amazigh New Year, is celebrated on January 13th each year. It marks the first day of the agrarian calendar that the Berbers of North Africa have been using since ancient times due to its adaptation to climate changes and its relation to agricultural activities.

The choice of Id Ennayer is based on the year 950 BC when the Berber king Sheshonq I was crowned as the ruler of Egypt and established the 22nd dynasty, which reigned until 715 BC.

The ceremonies of the Amazigh New Year vary across different regions, but they all share a common ritual of preparing traditional and typical dishes. Some of these dishes include ‘Ourkimn,’ ‘Tagoula,’ or ‘L’bssiss.’ These preparations are served to honor everyone and symbolize conviviality, joy, hope, and optimism for the arrival of the new Amazigh year.

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