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Honey, that delicate, sweet, and wonderfully smooth food, never fails to delight the palate. In Morocco, beekeeping is an ancient practice found in almost every rural area of the country. However, the Souss-Massa region stands out as one of the national leaders in honey production. This distinction is primarily due to its natural potential and abundant, diverse flora, which provides bees with high-quality flowers to forage from. In this regard, the sub-region of Ida-Outanane, with its annual honey festival held every August, is renowned as the epicenter of beekeepers. The fact that the world’s largest apiary in Inzerki is located in Ida-Outanane is undeniable proof of the region’s supremacy in honey production!

Various types of honey are produced there, but the most appreciated ones are thyme honey and euphorbia honey due to their health benefits. These honeys have the ability to soothe respiratory inflammations, asthma, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. However, the Souss-Massa region boasts a much richer beekeeping tradition. Honey varieties from orange blossoms, carob trees, eucalyptus, and even thuja trees can be found.

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