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Whether made with chicken, meat, or even fish, Baddaz is a variation of couscous prepared with corn semolina. Referred to by some as ‘Amazigh couscous,’ its cooking method closely resembles that of the traditional national dish of the Kingdom, with the distinct addition of argan oil, a key element for achieving its culinary excellence.

Baddaz Recipe


1 cup corn semolina
1-2 tablespoons argan oil
1-2 cups broth (chicken, meat, or fish)
Optional protein (chicken, meat, or fish)
Salt to taste
Additional seasonings (optional: garlic, herbs, etc.)

In a large bowl, combine the corn semolina and argan oil. Mix until the semolina is evenly coated.
In a separate pot, bring the broth to a boil. If using protein, add it to the broth and cook until tender.
Gradually add the hot broth to the semolina while stirring constantly.
Cover the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the semolina to absorb the liquid.
Once the semolina has absorbed the liquid, fluff it with a fork.
Season with salt and additional seasonings if desired.
Serve hot, topped with your choice of protein if used.

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