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Tizourgane Kasbah

From the skyline, the Kasbah of Tizourgane emerges as a cultural gem located in the heart of Chtouka Aït Baha province in southern Morocco, approximately 100 kilometers from Agadir. This bleak and grand fortress, miraculously perched on the summit of a rough mountain at an elevation of 1,150 meters, presents us with a touch of Morocco’s history. If you wander through its brave stone monuments, you will surely hear whispers of the past blasting into your ear, telling you about its strategic importance and multiple cultural contacts.

The Majestic Structure of Tizourgane Kasbah

The Tizourgane Kasbah, built upon the mountain top, is a fortress, but it is more than that; it is a living settlement inside those firm walls that were constructed to provide protection against invaders. This ‘Ksar’ of today is home to approximately fifty traditional houses, each of them intricately depicting the architectural ingenuity of historical periods, with the basic aim of protection and the welfare of the community. Those visiting the Ksar will be able to see and appreciate the huge 360° panorama of this area, which goes beyond the landscape’s gentle undulation in comparison to other sites offering only ordinary scenic views. Perfect for history enthusiasts and standing out even more for lovers of scenic beauty, the Kasbah combines its age with the amazing views.

 A Stairway to History

Through Tizourgane Kasbah, the mountain becomes an exciting staircase where the ascent never ends, though that blessing is a gateway through time that nothing can break. Stepping to the entrance of the museum, visitors go slowly down to the bottom of Moroccan history, their labor rewarded by magnificent panoramic views and engraved deep in their hearts with a feeling of success. This conquest is not simply an athletic challenge, but an already spiritual journey taken to the core of Morocco, allowing a great, unparalleled immersion into the country’s ancient heritage and traditions.

Experience Warm Moroccan Hospitality

Discover a wealth of comfort and Moroccan warmth at Tizourgane Kasbah, where a couple of harmonious hosts will share with visitors the hospitality that their heartfelt openness offers. Within the quaint walls of the hotel, you are well taken care of; you are not only familiarized with but also loved by the friendliest folks you’ve ever come across. You will be welcomed here to enjoy Moroccan meals and drinks, which are known for their taste and rich heritage. The couple has an inheritance from their community, especially their stories and experiences, which are what distinguish the community in which they have lived for so long. Beside experiencing the many aspects of Morocco that the museum portrays, your stay would have also made your bond with the soul of this place more personal.

Here are some activities that you can enjoy at Tizourgane Kasbah:

  • Hiking: Walk along the Tizourgane Kasbah trails with random guides. The scenic route is designed for hikers of all levels of skill and provides a glittering chance to immerse themselves in the natural environment.
  • Rock Climbing: Take a step toward rock climbing on the nearby cliffs as the challenge. This activity is designed for adventurers and all those adrenaline junkies who want to test their climbing capabilities against a spectacular backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.
  • Paragliding: For those who are keen on getting an aerial view of the locality, paragliding is available. Soaring over the Kasbah and its surroundings will allow you to take in unforgettable views and the feeling of flying.
  • VTT (Mountain Biking): Feel the rush of adrenaline as you bike through the cliff paths and trails around the Kasbah. It is absolutely a great way to see more territory and enjoy the landscape at high speed.

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