The Jebair Ksar

At the heart of the wild comeliness of southern Morocco, Tazart offers brave and curious travelers a chance to discover a destination so exceptional that it is like a gem hidden among rocks. Lying approximately 7 km to the south of Akka, it is situated in the direction of the ancient city of Tata, and it attracts visitors with its unique history, charming architectural treasures, and exceptional natural gifts. Immersion in past and culture, refined as a tourist’s adventure, Tazart calling for the discovery of the eras bygone, every street and every facade of the old city tells of its rich past.

Exploring Ancient Wonders

Inside Tazart is an old Mellah—a symbol of the village’s glorious past and what it stands for culturally. Charles de Foucauld’s tales of the legend gave this historical area an aura of mystery and a remarkable atmosphere that you can feel at every step while walking through its maze-like streets and invisible corners. Walk through the narrow alleyways and feel the reverberations of the past in the air, then be part of the lively mosaic of Morocco.

Discovering Architectural Marvels

On the contrary, the attraction of Tazart is not just about its ancient Mellah but as well. The village is in addition to the place of another historical gem—the Jebair Ksar. The irrigated palm grove of the village finds its place at the southwest edge, where this towering fortress commands from the crest and showcases the cunning and artistic efforts of multiple generations. This sophisticated conglomerate is a remarkable architectural piece that used to be unstoppable by time. It stood for the historical encounter of Tazart.

Timeless Tales

Moving back in time by touring the corridors of the Jebair Ksar would be an experience like no other, as you hear the echoes of the past resonating against the ancient brick walls. Be thrilled by the ornamental carvings and decorative features on every side of the structure, all showing the efforts of the skilled artisans who made it. From the high towering walls to the twisty rooms and passages, each corner of Ksar extends the sampling of the rich weaved history of Tazart.

Cultural Immersion and Local Hospitality

As you move along the paths of Tazart, you will get the pleasure of being with the friendliness of the people who make this village their home. Feel the warmth of Moroccan hospitality in a cozy little place with your new buddies, drinking warm, refreshing mint tea, and learning about their village life according to the old stories. Become one of the Berber people by conversing with the vibrant traditions and customs, obtaining bargaining skills at the lively souks, or joining traditional dance and music activities to celebrate the deep cultural community. Whether you have joined the household of the locals to share a meal or taken part in their traditional festival event, the people of Tazart welcome you as they do one of their own, asking you to be a member of their community.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor lovers, fortunately, discovering the charming wilderness of Morocco is now at their doorstep thanks to Tazart offering them this gateway. Lace up your boots and rejoice in the beautiful nature of the mountains and valleys. The views are breathtaking and the places where waterfalls are hiding are worth discovering around every corner. Navigate the old caravan routes and nomadic trails; emulate the paths which spiritual people, traders and travelers once used, to cross these untamed territories. As for adrenaline junkies, Tazart can boast that it offers plenty of opportunity for an adrenaline rush, with various adventure sports activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking and even camel trekking through the sand dunes. No matter if you venture to rocky downs or explore deserts in remote area, Tazart provides you with an ultimate nature experience and more adventures for all seasons and all ages.

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