Inzerki Apiary

Located approximately 80 kilometers north of Agadir and accessible via the national road leading to Marrakech, the traditional Inzerki apiary stands as the world’s largest ancient collective bee farm. It serves as a testament to ingenious human civilization and symbolizes social and corporate cohesion. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the region.

Given its location, it quickly becomes evident that the site was ingeniously chosen. The apiary is favorably situated, overlooking one of the lush valleys near Argana.

The local population living around the apiary is estimated to be around a hundred residents and boasts a community of beekeepers with proven skills and a millennia-old heritage of know-how. It’s worth noting that the seasonal migration of beekeepers to the Inzerki site offers several advantages. These include abundant flora, extended sunlight, an appropriate altitude of nearly one thousand meters, and a relatively temperate climate.


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