The ancient mosque "Lalla Baytou Allah"

Emblematic remains of the ancient mosque from the Almoravid era (11th century), located 63 km south of Tata, in one of the lush palm groves of Akka. The reference site is known as “Agadir Amghar” in the municipality of the kasbah of Sidi Abdellah ben Mbarek. Due to its historical significance, the site underwent two simultaneous campaigns of archaeological excavations, architectural restoration, and partial restitution between 2012 and 2016. These rehabilitation works, although partial, have allowed the revival of some architectural aspects of the structure. Apart from the partially destroyed and visible minaret, the rest of the mosque was nearly buried and difficult to identify.

A visit to the site is truly worth it, as it allows any passionate visitor to take a retrospective journey through time and imagine the prestigious past of the place.

The Almoravid Tower from the 11th century

Once populated by Amazigh tribes and Arab nomads, the history of Tata and the origins of its inhabitants remain diverse.

Concealing an extremely rich archaeological heritage, Tata is home to, among others, the famous Almoravid Tower, which dates back to the 11th century and is located 88 km from Akka towards Guelmim. An imposing fortress that will leave you speechless in front of the architectural genius of the time.

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