The ancient village of Taghzout

Sitting at the foot of mountain Adrar Mkourn, a spot where to reach the ancient village of Taghzout is like a real-life mix of history and the untouched beauty of nature. Taghzout, the town positioned east of Tafraout city, acts as a perfect sanctuary for individuals who feel like they have been separated from the past.

How to get there

From Tafraout, take one of the scenic drives to Aguerd Oudad, home to the memorable “Chapeau de Napoléon” rock formation which serves as a landmark. A 10-kilometer path will cross this point to the very heart of Taghzout. The trekking process, as you go along the intervals of the route, is amazing, giving you a different and beautiful point of view every step of the way.

A Village Frozen in Time

On arrival, you will discover that Taghzout is still partly occupied, its persistence being mirrored in generations. While walking through the village, you come across old villages with most buildings in ruins. These red-brick ruins, although bleak, provide us with a mark of the village’s historical importance along with its everlasting attractiveness.

Taghzout: Architectural Amazigh Showcase

Targzout is a living open-air museum that illustrates a great heritage, representing and proving Amazigh (Berber) culture. Nonetheless, these houses here are not only structures in which the builders display their craftsmanship ingenuously. Most impressive are the facades that are embellished with wooden lattice triangles, a work of art that, at the same time, is primitive and highly artistic. These features identify the aesthetic perception of the Amazigh people and their ability to bring all links together with the natural environs.

Hiking and Exploration

Handed over by the huge Mount of Mkourn Adrar stands the Taghzout, which is fascinating to the daring at heart because it has too many mountains. Occupying a breathtaking setting, this village is part of a wide network of trails that are found to be woven throughout the wild mountain surroundings, thereby giving adventurous hikers opportunities to explore the wonders of nature. Here, the hiker is pushed both mentally and spiritually, with each step revealing even the most panoramic views and the intimate wildlife therein. From the special magic of meandering down the paths of ancient villages to weaving through rugged mountainside, every beat of a hiker’s footsteps strengthens their connection with the land’s inherent spirit.

Relaxation and Reflection

Taghzout is perfect for those who respond calmly to silence and like to have some clarity in their minds. People have a wonderful chance to rest and contemplate themselves here, away from the bustling city noise and crowds. Whether you sit among the ruins or under the olive tree that is in the village green, one is able to take part in reading, praying, or simply witnessing the silence and quiet life of the village. Together with the peaceful atmosphere of Taghzout, the area offers many opportunities for yoga practitioners and wellness workshops when people practice mindfulness among nature, calm and inner peace. This solitude, plus the wonderfully beautiful surroundings and history of the village, becomes nature’s medicine for the whole person—mind and body.

Experience and Engage

Taghzout remains a place where visitors can not only soak up culture and history but also get closest to these architectures. The environment places at the disposal of photography a variety of scenes and is the source of artistic representations and historical works. The interaction with a few of the local people who live in the village can still offer closer information about the traditions and stories that are inscribed in the walls of the village.

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