Dragon Trees

“The Dragon Tree (Dracaena) is an endemic tree discovered in 1996 in the high cliffs of Jbel Imzi, the western part of the Anti-Atlas, 75 km northeast of the city of Tiznit. It is a palm-like tree with dense and peculiar foliage resting on multiple trunks, measuring from 6 to 10 meters.


When the trunk of the Dragon Tree is cut, it releases a red sap, resembling the blood of a dragon according to the local population, hence the name ‘Dragon Tree.’ Once dried, this sap is used as a dye; it is said to have been used for millennia, including the creation of very ancient cave paintings… The name Ajgal is the local Berber vernacular name given to the Dragon Tree, which means ‘the inaccessible.

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