Mellah of Tazart

Located 7 kilometers south of Tata, towards Akka, you can visit the “Mellah of Tazart,” the neighborhood where the Jewish inhabitants of the region once resided. This splendid visit requires a small uphill walk to reach the Mellah enclosure. Typically constructed with ochre earth and stone plaster, it overlooks the village of Tazart from the top of the rocks.

This place is also recounted by the Viscount Charles de Foucauld, who stayed there between 1883 and 1884. His guide was the Rabbi “Mardochée Aby Serour,” originally from Akka. Despite the narrowness of its streets and dwellings, the mellah reveals a significantly valuable historical significance, during a time when it bustled with life and opened its doors to the trans-Saharan commercial caravans of the past. While visiting the village of Tazart, you will also have the opportunity to discover another historical gem, the Ksar Jbaïr.

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