Address: Route de Tamaloukt – Agwidir, Taroudant


The palace, spread over 75 hectares, is located 8 kilometers from Taroudant, at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, and is now open to visitors. The main building is divided into several wings and structures, interconnected by interior courtyards and covered passages. These separate wings house salons, bedrooms, private suites, and Claudio Bravo’s studio, where several of his works were created. Surrounding the building, Claudio Bravo’s artworks and paintings are on display, giving the impression that the artist has just stepped out. The mausoleum of Claudio Bravo also houses a unique and impressive collection of ancient Moroccan vases and ceramics. At the other end of the estate, the stables still accommodate horses. In the park, numerous paths invite you to discover sculptures and a selection of exotic plants. This palace has been transformed into an extraordinary museum. As a bonus, you can enjoy a tea break facing a reconstruction of the Menara Gardens and the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains as a backdrop.

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