Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve

Situated in the captivating southwest region of Morocco, the Argan Biosphere Reserve encompasses a vast mountainous expanse, spanning approximately 2.5 million hectares. This remarkable reserve is predominantly known for its flourishing argan trees (Argania Spinosa), which cover an impressive 80% of the Sous Massa Region. These iconic trees serve as a vital economic resource for the local population, with argan products serving as their primary source of income.Â

The overarching goal of the Argan Biosphere Reserve is to ensure the sustainable utilization and preservation of the argan tree, while simultaneously bolstering the region’s economy through the implementation of renewable energy solutions for local communities.
Recognizing the significance of this tree, the Green Morocco Plan has prioritized its conservation efforts, acknowledging its pivotal role in fortifying and safeguarding fragile ecosystems.

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