Oued Massa

Situated 50 km south of Agadir, Oued  Massa is a river that supports remarkable biodiversity in the region. The establishment of the Youssef Ibn Tachfine dam in 1972 has provided a valuable water source, with the capacity to hold 304 million cubic meters of water across a 3800-hectare area. The valley primarily serves to supply water to the Chtouka lowlands, an extension of the Souss lowlands in the southwest. Over the centuries, the residents have practiced agricultural activities, benefiting from this fertile valley. Recognized as a natural reserve and a crucial migratory and wintering site for numerous bird species traveling between Europe and Africa via Gibraltar, the Massa Valley gained further importance after the establishment of the Souss Massa National Park in 1991. The valley experiences tidal movements throughout the year, with the river entrance welcoming saline waters, creating a favorable habitat for a diverse range of wildlife, including rare and endemic bird species and mammals unique to Morocco.

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