Tiout Kasbah

From the top of the hill, the Kasbah of Tiout stands as a benevolent sentinel, overlooking the splendid Berber village of Tiout, equally famous as a major tourist attraction in the region. Located 30 km from Taroudant and about a hundred kilometers from Agadir, on the road to Tata, the village of Tiout is a true haven of greenery, housing a lush palm grove that teems with life and serves as a source of livelihood for the inhabitants.

From its natural vantage point, the Kasbah imposes itself, offering breathtaking views of the magnificent green oasis. Its grandiose remains are there, bearing witness to its significance during the Saadian era. Taking advantage of this privileged location, a panoramic restaurant is also nestled against the ruins, offering delicious cuisine.

To enhance your visit to the area, the flourishing palm grove down below welcomes you for a leisurely walk or, for a touch of exoticism, a mule ride, providing unique moments of immersion in the rural life amidst fertile lands, vigorous date palm trees, and irrigated gardens.

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