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Illigh Village

Located in the middle of the stunning valley of Aït Manssour is the Afella Ighir paradise, an enchanting place that will definitely leave those who keep their eyes open. It lies only 35 km from the energetic Tafraout town, so this captivating small village invites travelers with its beautiful architecture and green valleys where palms grow. On the winding paths that lead to Afella Ighir, you will feel like you are in a place where there is a state of peace and nature is presented at every corner.

Ancestral Architecture and Heritage

Once you set foot in Afella Ighir, you are offered a perfect setting for a postcard: a charming village lying between the rough mountain wall with its long alleyways and traditional mud brick houses, which is one of the oldest parts of the city. However, it isn’t just the picturesque architecture that entices tourists, but the lively natural wonder in the middle of the village. This resilient green island is a reflection of nature’s strength as well as the creativeness of the community of villagers.

Embracing Tranquility

Afella Refuge reminds the tortured people of the city rush and excessive pace of modern life. Its serene arms hold the visitors and, in doing so, make the world stand still with all its breathless sufferings. Surrounded by lush palm groves, laying low and yet very green, healthy fronds fill the air with large intakes of breath and a gentle rustling breeze, contributing to the cozy melodies of nature. Generous palms of date trees are the only shade in which restless seekers of peace would regain their serenity; their heartache drowns in the tranquility of life. Entering this boundless, eternal realm is like a sort of “insurance,” where every moment is a post, where careful observation and regeneration are possible. Afella Ighir is a home away from home, a sanctuary where all the bounds of a chaotic world are relegated to nothing when a soul comes here to make it a haven.

Exploring the Palm-filled Valley

Walking along Afella Ighir’s enchanting valley is no less than an eternal refuge away from the peaceful layers of nature. Tiny streets zigzag into a crowd of date palm trees whose leaves stand out like banged and granular speeches along the way. Living gardens blossomed with rich colors when strewed with greenery and flowerbeds. While streams babble through the locations, their paintings of innocent melody reflect the peaceful atmosphere. Here, in the middle of this fairy-tale world, all the hustling and bustling of the rapid pace of life disappear, being replaced by the tranquility and holiness of nature.

Adventures Await

Afella Ighir attracts people who like adventures, providing them with many ways to explore. Go slowly up the gentle slopes to marvel at the wide vista of the valley below. The beauty of each view is another painting by Mother Nature. Allow yourself to be amazed by the secrets of the wilderness that are given when you scramble to the hidden waterfalls that are falling down into the shining pools or find out the mysterious rock formations that are telling the ancient stories. By walking wherever your sheer curiosity leads you, the Moroccan countryside flaunts its wild beauty and lets you delve right into its marvels.

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