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Address: Tazeroilt, Tiznit Province


Located in the western Anti-Atlas, in the heart of the “country” of Tazerwalt, Dar Iligh was the seat of the Semlalie principality founded in 1626 by Ali Abou Hassoune As Semlali, also known as Boudmia, a descendant of the mystic Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa. This principality emerged following the weakening of the Saadian central power and the fragmentation of Morocco into multiple political entities. As part of the reunification of the Kingdom, Sultan Alaouite Moulay Rachid first subjugated the Middle Atlas by demolishing the Zaouïa of the Dilaïtes in 1668. He then proceeded to bring the Souss and the Anti-Atlas under his control, thereby putting an end to the dynasty established by Bou Hassoune, through an assault on its seat at Dar Iligh in 1670. The remains standing today on the site are a living testament to the golden age of this principality, whose influence encompassed a large part of southern Morocco, particularly the Souss region, and even extended into Sudan during the heyday of caravan trade. The Boudmia family, represented by Moulay Al Imam Al Boukhari, has successfully turned this residence into a unique cultural and heritage destination. Spanning an area of 2500 m2, it houses a museum and a library containing nearly 3500 manuscripts, over 5500 historical documents, as well as sultanic dahirs and official makhzen letters. It is worth noting that the establishment of the first nucleus of this library dates back to 1626, initiated by Ali Boudmia.

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