the Kasbah Aghennaj

Located in the heart of the city of Tiznit, near the famous Blue Spring, the Kasbah Aghennaj is a heritage gem with a total area of 6704 m² and five watchtowers. Its name is associated with Al Hahi Mohammed Aghnaj, the brave Caid who led a military offensive south of the Oued Massa, on the orders of Sultan Moulay Slimane in 1810. He took Tiznit as a garrison town, using it as a starting point to establish the power of the Makhzen (royal authority) in the region. He stationed his troops in the Kasbah, which he built in 1820. The strategic choice of locating it near the Blue Spring was justified by the easy and immediate accessibility to water. The Kasbah Aghennaj has now been transformed to accommodate the city’s heritage museum.

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