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Ifri Granary

Located 17 kilometers from Taliouine and on the road heading to Ouarzazate, there is a jewel of Moroccan architecture that invites the adventurous traveler seeking to discover hidden places. Having left the little town of Tassousfi, adventurers will encounter a non-national road, N°10, breaking off onto the main road, N°1743. Going through this route for about 5 or 6 kilometers, visitors will find themselves at the village named Ifri, where people have a collective granary, which is famous for its incredible sightseeing.

Unique Architectural Marvel

The sole trail that leads off the well-known path to Ifri is comprehensively rewarding to courageous people who are willing to part with reality to experience a sight that is only in their wildest imaginations. When you get closer, the granary resembles a long-forgotten guardian, stone-faced and chiseled into the rock. These little chambers are like masterpieces crafted with the utmost care; the walls speak of the hands of the elders and of timeless wisdom. For some reason, history seems to have grown even in the stones themselves, aimed at raising an aura of respect from all who watch it. When a person stands there in front of this great construction project, they cannot even avoid feeling incredibly tied to the past, forgetting about humanity and their faith in nature.

Exploring the Granary

When one climbs the cliff and looks around, the granary of Sifri emerges from the cliff as a hidden treasure, and the ingenuity of ancient people becomes apparent. Crossing the maze-like hallways, the anticipation builds up more and more as one advances, seeing only bits and pieces of history. Small doors can conserve the most hitherto unknown secrets in their depths, which can be compared with infinite chambers where time seems to collapse. Here, concealed in the rocky landscape, their renowned merchandise found a heaven, safe from any kind of damage or plunder. Each compartment narrates a story, one of resilience and resourcefulness, just as an epitome of the human spirit to survive and excel even in the worst of circumstances.

Cultural Preservation

Within a picturesque backdrop of the Ifri Hills, the granary emerges as a symbol of cultural importance. It is a dazzling prism of light that the Ifri people have always looked toward for their lives. The hall, the passageway, and a little door were more than just architectural wonders because they were doors to a land of history. Walking through the maze, the tourists gradually reveal the spirit stowed in the communal life of the place, which is a legacy of resourcefulness and sustainability. Bearing a discount to the clangor, the granary is in a position to observe the link between man and nature. This demonstrates the old-fashioned principle of sustainable resource management that people and nature should work together.

How to Reach Ifri

From Agadir, visitors pass through the lovely scenery until they reach the Taliouine before going on the N10 national road. At this point, the travelers turn right onto the main route P1743, moving inward to the town of Ifri. After traveling a short distance of a few hundred meters from the crossroad, visitors will eventually arrive at their destination: the village of Ifri and its notable granary. On the left side of the road, you can find the one-eyed granary tower guarding its secrets and telling its story to those who are brave enough to wander its nostalgic lanes.

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