Ifri Granary

Located about 17 km from Taliouine towards Ouarzazate, this place is truly worth a visit. After passing through the small village of Tassousfi, you leave the national road N°10 and take the main road N°1743 on the right. From this junction, you have about 5 or 6 km left to reach the village of Ifri, which has gained fame thanks to its impressive collective granary. This slight detour does not discourage enthusiasts of architectural treasures, as their curiosity and effort will be rewarded upon arrival. This collective granary is a true architectural masterpiece, rare in its kind. Perched on the side of a cliff promontory, its compartments are meticulously carved into the cliff in an almost unbelievable setting… Steep, narrow, and dimly lit corridors are not easily accessible; in every direction, you can see miniature doors leading to numerous excavations.

Due to its location and unique architecture, this granary seems to offer the best conditions for the security and storage of the community’s goods. You can visit the granary by paying a small entrance fee. Just ask the villagers, and they will gladly guide you to the house of the key holders, the descendants of “Lamine,” who was once the benevolent guardian of the place

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